And we're back! Did you miss us? This $#!T is hard.

And we're back! Did you miss us? This $#!T is hard.

I'm not naiveté... I can use classy words, do highly technical tasks, and I can also be pretty crafty. Podcasting is a little different but like everything else I started off making it a little harder than I needed to. I wasn't going to stop until I hit 10 episodes for sure. Six is kind of the magic number. But no worries.

We're Back Baby!

I wasn't actually going anywhere. Just got a little tied up with life and realizing I needed to revamp my process a little bit.

So why keep going?

Rather you like it or not I am going to shove technology down your throat. I want you to be damn good at it. Even if you don't think you need to be, YOU'RE WRONG!

I'm here to:

  • build a relationship with you
  • let you know about all new relevant things technology (not the deep in the weeds shit)
  • I am going to try to entertain you
  • keep you informed
  • and above all else inspire you to...

Fucking Build Something Already!

This episode is filled with my excuse for being gone and an update of what is to come. Enjoy!


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