Technically Living is a podcast for the technically gifted and the technically challenged. We discuss the best web services, tools, and applications for using technology in your everyday life. Rather you are interested in getting better at technology in general, a parent that wants to find better ways to organize their life, or interested in starting a business, Technically Living will help you navigate all the options available in this technically charged life.

You pay good money for your devices. Don't you want to make sure you are using them to their full potential?

A big part of the Technically Living Podcast is bringing awareness to some of the best free (sometimes paid) services and apps available to you. In our episodes, we briefly explain where to get them, how to use them, and why they might be of benefit to you.

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Who We Are

Technically Living is hosted by Ross Wickman. A husband, father, and technology enthusiast on a mission to share all the latest technology trends and issues that fill the internet daily.

I specialize in the best free and paid online services and applications to help you get up and running with your website, blog, mobile app or online store and so much more. 

I learn, study, practice and create solutions to better understand what is available so I can better serve you in getting the best use out of the devices, services, and applications you use daily.